The wine

Since the dawn of History, the Wine accompanies us to the Mediterranean. In some of those initial moments, a few grape grains should be forgotten in a concave receptacle and their juice became a liquid of unexpected properties for those pioneers who discovered magical qualities, probably due to their effects. The Greeks and Romans even attributed divinities to them, both the enthusiasm and respect they professed in the Wine.
Subsequently, the great historical journeys favored the exchange of phenomena that came to the Mediterranean from far land such as tomatoes, potatoes and many others that we have fully incorporated and at the same time bring the Wine to other cultures, often for religious purposes. In our days it is not very different, we continue to give great importance to the Wine. Although daily meals accompany us to a large part of Humanity, do not fail to receive our attention and we work very carefully to obtain wines that fit every occasion to achieve our complacency and that of those that surround us in the important moments of our lives.