Already in geological times, the marine corridor, much larger than what we call today the Mediterranean Sea, which linked the Atlantic with the Indian Ocean, was called Tetis. Later the Greeks called it Talahassa and the Romans Mediterraneum which means sea between lands. When the Roman Empire conquered all its coasts, as they considered it, they called it Mare Nostrum, referring to the marked practical nature and pragmatism that the Romans had.
The Mediterranean Sea, connects and separates the North (Europe) and the South (Africa), is a communication channel between the East (Indian via Suez Canal) and the West (Atlantic by the Gibraltar Strait) and bathes a whole region diverse, with a climate of common and gentle characteristics that led to the settlement of populations already in the Paleolithic and more densely in the Neolithic. This Region was the birthplace of Western culture that has brought us to this day. Since then, forming an indissoluble part of this Culture, we are accompanied by the Wine from the Grape and Olive Oil. Essential and indispensable elements of our current diet.