Chardonnay Trilogy



Made 100% of the white Chardonnay grape. It has a golden apple flavor with sweet notes of fleshy fruits such as peach and apricot, marked notes of grapefruit that give freshness to the aroma, before finishing with a toasted grain bread. The palate is unctuous with body and structure , wide entrance in the mouth that provides the flavors of a homemade cake with notes of orange cake. It is recommended to keep it at a temperature of 15ºC and preferably serve it at a temperature between 5-8ºC.


– Percentages of varieties: 100% Chardonnay
– Alcohol content: 12.5%
– Total acidity: 4.4 g / l
– Residual sugar: 3.25 g / l
– Advisable temperature to store: 14/16 C
Advisable temperature to consume: 5/8 C

All our wines are made with grapes from our own vineyards. They are harvested at their optimum point (before ripening) of acidity to be our base wines for the production of our fresh sparkling wines so that they age optimally in a bottle. Once they must be extracted and filtered separately for each variety , the first fermentation is carried out in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 16º-18ºC for approximately 10 days. At the end of this process the must becomes wine. After that, the coupage is ready and our winemakers decide what are the exact percentages of each variety to make our new Trilogia Chardonnay a modern sparkling wine. As we use the traditional method, we will ferment the coupage obtained for the second time in the bottle , distinctive feature of the “traditional method”. It is carried out inside the cave at a constant temperature of 13º-16º during a period of 36 months of aging.